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On your first chiropractic visit in Playa Posture, we make a brief analysis of of your chief complaint, take a short history, review any diagnostic studies you may already have and perform the applicable orthopedic and/or neurologic tests in order to arrive at our differential diagnosis. In most cases we propose a very conservative treatment plan as the patients bodies reaction to our therapy often helps us to confirm our diagnosis and dictates what treatment frequency will be the most effective on a case by case basis.

Chiropractic manipulative therapy and specific deep muscle work will be applied and patient education includes possible modifications to daily routines, postural recommendations, and simple and logical stretching routines are almost always prescribed with the goal to empower the patient to take an active role in their recovery.


Area Specific bodywork targeting chronic muscle contractions, trigger points, and Postural imbalances which is essential in order to permit the beneficial changes of the chiropractic adjustments to “hold.”

Our therapists work in close conjunction with the chiropractors and utilize the same patient file for a true team approach to resolve each situation.


Following a brief patient history we use kinesiology to determine specific points on the body to place pairs of magnets. These pairs create bio electrical fields that eliminate various virus, bacteria, fungus and parasites. This detox leaves the client feeling lighter and more relaxed. After at least three sessions Biomagnetism sessions also often resolve imbalances and other symptoms affecting the client.


The Playa Posture Team has evolved to provide a complete answer to the myriad of musculo skeletal issues that have presented in our office over the last decade of service to the community. We focus on the mechanical imbalances which cause (and are a result of) vertebral subluxations in the human spine. Most problems are so chronic that the long standing muscular Trigger Points and Fascial Adhesions MUST be addressed in order to truly heal. To that end, we have amazing bodyworkers with the innate ability to comprehend the holding patterns of each individual and assist them in achieving a RESET of the neuromuscular pathways so that we may truly change faulty posture and movement patterns once and for all.

The Team currently consists of Chiropractors, therapeutic massage specialists and even Biomagnetism Healer!


Iris Campion

Biomagnetic Therapy

Iris Campion has been a yoga teacher for sixteen years; an Ayurvedic Specialist for the eleven years; and a Biomagnetist for one year. She was trained in the Bahamas from Sivananda Vedanta International in yoga, in California from the California College of Ayurveda, in New Mexico from the Ayurvedic Institute, in Playa del Carmen by Dr. Goiz from the Medical Biomagnetism Institute in Mexico City. In her free time Iris is a contemporary dancer, traveler and writer.


Hugo Rivera

Massage Therapist

Hugo Rivera, started in the massage world 11 years ago, he tarted when he suffered a lower back injury from lifting a dancer in a show he was a part of. He learned traditional massage techniques, today he continues working and learning in this great and extensive profession of rehabilitation as a neuro-muscular therapist.

His favorite hobbies are music, movies and sound equipment, especially home theater systems, high definition speakers and subwoofers is something that he loves, there can’t be a house without a good audio equipment .


Adriana Arteaga Archundia

Massage Therapist

Adriana Arteaga Archundia originally from MEXICO CITY, graduated from “Albada International Center” in the city of Puebla, 18 years of practice as a therapist; She has hotel experience for 12 years in the Mayan Riviera and in clinics related to health. She has teaching experience in addition to having knowledge in other physical areas.


Edmond Rage


Edmond Rage is 29 years old and graduated from the University of Chiropractic in Valle Ecatepec in 2014. Upon finishing the curriculum there he decided to focus on Sports Chiropractic and studied rebilitation techniques while working with various American Football teams at collegiate, professional and National league levels.

From childhood he was always interested in the functions of the human body and dedicated 5 years to the Mexican brigades of first aid and rescue. He was diagnosed with scoliosis (spinal lateral curvature) at a young age which opened his eyes to the wonderful healing attributes of the chiropractic profession and the health benefits that it provides to people of all ages.

In his spare time he enjoys practicing all types of sports, hiking and camping in nature.


Dr. Joseph Will


Like many chiropractors, Dr Joseph discovered the profession after various sport injuries while in high school. While finishing his first bachelors degree in Technology Education he continually sought relief from back problems with Chiropractic care. It seemed a logical step to apply his passion and experience as an educator in the health care sector and so it was that he began an accelerated 4 years program in New York Chiropractic University and graduated with honors in 1997.

His passion for travel inspired a trip to Costa Rica and, while learning the spanish language, he began treating patients and soon had a thriving practice in the capital city of San Jose where he worked for 2.5 years. He eventually decided to take a job offer in Cancun so as to live closer to the ocean and his beloved aquatic sports.

With 25 years of experience attending to all types of sports, work-related and pathological lesions he has now begun to form a team of specialized therapists with the goal of providing the absolute best care in the Riviera Maya.

His hobbies include kitesurf, SUP, paragliding, snowboarding, snowkiting, wing foiling, mountain biking, diving, cooking and playing music. He’s continuously looking for new beaches, mountains and cenotes to explore and is always passionate about learning advanced techniques to help his patients.





Contact information

Plaza Esmeralda, Av Constituyentes between 105 and 110, Playa del Carmen

+01 984 206 1316

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